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Practical research methods in thesis

How To Write A Strong Thesis Statement |

The next type of research methods is practical. It is logical that in this part you need to describe the scientific tools that you used while working on the practical part of the thesis We are at is well aware of these methods, therefore below we provide a list of methods, among which there will be yours:

  • observation;
  • experiment;
  • conversations;
  • questionnaires;
  • interview;
  • mathematical processing of quantitative data;
  • method of comparative analysis, etc.

Of course, the best way that the teacher and the defense commission will definitely like is to combine several methods . In sciences such as biology, this can be very useful. But if you don't have time to apply these methods, we can help you with your biology work 

 Let's briefly go over the characteristics of each of them.

Observation is most often used in sciences such as psychology, biology, and sociology. This technique helps to better know the object under study, the influence of external factors on it and its reaction. 

The experimental method uses causality to understand the processes under study. Its peculiarity is that it creates a piece situation and, thanks to this, the property that one wants to investigate manifests itself better and is easier to fix. 

Conversation is the most accessible way to conduct empirical research (the practical part of the work). Because, thanks to the conversation, you have the opportunity to actively respond to the words of the interlocutor and direct the conversation in the right direction.

Questioning is a more formal way of interacting with subjects. It involves collecting text data. The advantage of the method is the availability of clear and structured information in one document. This facilitates the analysis process later.

The interview method is also often used in thesis. This tool can also be called an oral questionnaire. Because the researcher asks a specific question and gets an answer to it. And he moves on, by analogy, to the following questions of interest to him. If the interview is very difficult for you, and the work needs to be written somehow, turn to another method or to an expert for the finished work  

Mathematical methods of data processing have a wide range of applications. After all, they help both to increase the effectiveness of the psychological experiment and to calculate the necessary coefficients in the analysis of the hotel room stock. I think it won't be difficult to determine whether you used them or not. 

The comparative analysis method often helps when there are several processes or phenomena and it is necessary to deduce something common or radically different between them. Thanks to this method, you can take several objects and compare them with each other, thereby obtaining the necessary data and drawing conclusions.  

That's all the research methods for the introduction that I wanted to show you. If this information seems complicated to you, then there is a way out. After all, we have launched a course in which we will teach students to write works in absolutely all specialties. If you are interested and want someone to help you figure it out and assign a curator to you, then click on the banner. 


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